Lockerbie, BP, and the release from prison of the Lockerbie "bomber."


The person responsible for this site: Captain Rodney Stich:


Patrol Plane Commander Navy Privateer:


Navy Patrol Plane Commander Hawaii:


Recurrent jet training in as FAA inspector:


Stich in the 1990s, under attack for exposing culture of deadly corruption.


History of aviation disasters and the behind-the-scene causes.


Truth about downing of PAA Flight 103 over Lockerbie, and the release of the person held guilty in that case.

List of aviation pictures: World War II to Today.

Quick links to current aviation disasters.

Aviation disasters made possible by multiple enablers.

David vs Goliath battle to halt preventable aviation disasters.

More details on conduct responsible for many of America's calamities.

Emergence of powerful force orchestrating simultaneous events.

Additional details on David vs. Goliath battlers by former federal agent.

Corrupt conduct by FAA management was enabler to aviation disasters.

Acting similar to independent prosecutor.

Decades of complicity by members of Congress

Complicity by DOJ personnel in obstructing justice.

Circumventing DOJ block by appearing before federal grand jury.

Resigning from the FAA on basis of corruption.

Continuing aviation disasters rekindled his efforts.

Filing federal lawsuits under crime reporting statute.

Discovering criminal activities in other areas of government.

Tactics to halt exposing high-level corruption required repeated violations of important civil and constitutional rights.

Parallel legal-judicial schemes to halt exposing high-level corruption.

Exercising federal defense remedies against the massive civil and constitutional violations.

Seeking relief in  Chapter 11 courts from massive civil rights violations.

Last judicial attempt to halt corruption that enabled 9/11 to occur.

Post 9/11 judicial block insuring history of catastrophic events will continue.

Another 9/11 judicial block in Washington.

Another sham lawsuit filed prior to 9/11 by South Carolina law firm with CIA connections.

Still another lawsuit, post-9/11, seeking to halt exposure of 9/11 related corruption.

RICO violations by lawyers, judges and DOJ personnel acting in a conspiracy.

Consequences enabled to occur by documented acts of multiple enablers.

List of nonprofit books on corruption, cover-ups, and great tragedies.